Reading Books Faster: A Better Way

I have always like to read, as a child I would read anything from cereal boxes, to newspapers to Readers Digest to Encyclopedias, so it’s very much a part of my life. But if I could read faster and consume more information in less time that would be helpful. I recently found a way to do this that is very effective but I’d like to share with you.

I read a lot of different types of materials, including webpages, or paper books and magazines. But the last year so I’ve been using a lot more Kindle books as well as Audible audiobooks. Amazon has done a great job of combining the two so that you can now buy a Kindle book and read it on any device you have, and at the same time purchase the Audible book. The cost of the two formats combined is usually less than the cost of the hardcover book. The greatest thing they have done is integrate the two of them together so that reading progress in the book is also counted as listening progress on the audible app.  

I can start a book in the morning when I first wake up and read a couple of chapters, then jump in the car and while driving to the office listen to the next chapter, then over lunch read another chapter, and on the way home listen to the fifth chapter. This is allowing me to go through many more books in a shorter time.

I highly recommend this approach.